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Jon Pitts is an expert in elite performance, his unique and intuitive skills have given him the opportunity to work with some incredible people around the world and to understand what it takes to compete at the highest level and under the most extreme pressure. Using the latest thinking in human performance, JPHP is able to deliver bespoke solutions in sport and business for anyone looking to get (and stay) ahead of the curve.

"The ability to evolve faster than the pack is probably the most progressive and sustainable advantage"

Jon Pitts



With a proven track record of elite performance coaching at the highest level in sport, JPHP understands what it takes to nurture potential and achieve results in the toughest arenas.

Jon works closely with players & clubs to develop cutting edge skill acquisition programmes & manage performance under pressure.


Advising senior business leaders on how to drive High Performance.

With a particular interest in maximising human capital & creating a high performance culture, Jon provides bespoke long term solutions to enhance & transform organisations into true high performance environments.


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